Sunday, December 9, 2007


I couldn't resist going a wee bit nuts at the new Whole Foods when I was attacked by all the color! Holy carrots, tomatoes, and squash - oh my! I wandered the aisles gently lifting goodies into my cart for nearly an hour and a half. In the veggies section I started thinking about partnerships and relationships and individuality. How exactly does one blend all 3? I have never been good at that particular trifecta. It seems I ever only manage 2 at a time.

I finally fessed up to myself that I love to grocery shop alone. I hate using a list or minding someone else's agenda. I get flustered and fussy. Today was luxurious. I visited the veggies twice! I bought little bits of anything I pleased. That's the other thing about being a single, you can shop cheap and try whatever strikes your fancy.

Maybe the secret to being a + 1, is finding your food buddy, who still lets you shop like a single!

oh la la! I have never had this kind of melon before!

for the office. no more plastic sporks for me!

how awesome do these sound!!?


I love you cheese!!

* editor's note: the above is all fine and good until I get home and make waaaay too much food for one! Help!

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