Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Several weeks ago an odd series of missed calls showed up on my mobile. I knew they were international calls by the little + in front of all the numbers. But I didn't recognize the country code. Upon a wee google search I discovered someone in Saudi Arabia was hot on my trail. Interesting. Having never been to Saudi myself I was at a loss until one bright Sunday morning I caught one of those calls. It was my good buddy and former neighbor who shipped out on Christmas for the Middle East (only I though he was in Afghanistan). We had an awesome chat and dang was that satellite phone of his amazing! It sounded like he was in my kitchen with me. Go, go gadget technology.

It was also a polite reminder that we still have guys over there that need all our support and gratitude. USO

he called right after this sand storm had finally passed

more blowing sand

women's rights in full effect

fuck that's hot

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