Saturday, July 18, 2009


I just paid 10 Euros for an hour's internet access. WTF? Thanks CDG!

In no particular order:

1. Being hoisted up into the arms of a 6'4" man when we are both falling down drunk, and then carried out of a Parisian night club like Scarlett O'Hara. We proceeded to do yoga in the back of the Mercedes van that carted us back to the hotel. That is what kind of trip this was.

2. Smuggling a 3" totally illegal switch blade in and out of Paris. Even after the CDG random super special bag check, done by 3 different people. They also missed a bunch of pharmaceuticals, that while legal, are all mixed together like a nifty little grab bag of fun. The knife was not on purpose.

3. Finally passing out around NYC and waking up in Paris. My seat mate could not believe I slept through some pretty hairy turbulence, see the handy aforementioned pharms.

4. Walking to the press event and while still in the hotel (thank god), having the buttons on my jumpsuit get into a fight with the button holes and letting me flash anyone around. While kind of black humor appropriate for the event, I opted for a safety pin during all filming.

5. Dancing my feet off the last night and arriving back to the hotel after 6 am. I had to leave for my flight at 10 am. Some sweet planning on my part, and yet sitting here so tired I might fall asleep posting this - I absolutely would not have it any other way.

* I purposely have not mentioned anything related to the party, gallerie opening or portrait as those all deserve individual attention and photos. Good god especially the photos.

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