Friday, July 17, 2009


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*thank you Nike!


coco said...

Sending you love. Tinged with jealousy, but love all the same.

Marlayna said...

I watched it all, and while I did cry... I am so very proud of you!

You are strong, beautiful and have the world in front of you to do with it what you will. You are truly amazing!!!

Enjoy your trip, and once you get back we will have to make plans, and not just talk about it!! ;)

I love you!

Tallulah said...

I love... LOVE... the fact that you're strong and beautiful portrait is all over this video. I especially love the footage of SF actually working on it. I have a feeling you are the belle of the ball in that City of Lights. So proud of you... can't wait to hear about your adventuring. Miss you!
Charlie (via Tallulah - so many names, so many adventures)